Welcome to Felix Machines. We are proud to offer competitive pricing on equipment for your low volume battery cell making lab.

We serve a community of researchers and technology developers in the field of renewable and rechargeable energy, specifically, battery electrode and cellĀ  makers.

For downloadable .pdf data sheets on our equipment, please click the links below. We have categorized them according to the most common requests we get. But if your technology is uncommon, and you don’t find the equipment you need in the data sheets you download, check out the other data sheets. Mixing and matching is encouraged.

We offer a line of machines for

and other cell making processes that will fit most chemistry configurations. Our equipment will assist you in developing Li-ion cells with graphite, zinc, iron phosphate, silicon, tin, carbon nanotubes, next generation substrates, foams, electrolyte configurations, membranes, and more, in a variety of sizes and form factors.

Let your imagination soar-it’s your lab and your equipment!

We are not able to accommodate high volume, production scale equipment. We focus instead on the small laboratory where initial cell design and research happens, where prototyping and proof of concept is the order of the day.

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